Umbra 43, 228: A Chance Beach Encounter

A Chance Beach Encounter
Summary: Aldren and Ciarrah meet at the beach by chance
OOC Date: 16/Nov/2013 (OOC)
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Darfield Beach
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a greyish brown in colour, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
Umbra 43, 228

Drawn to the water, Ciarrah spens a good deal of her time down here at the beach. Her long blonde hair is left loose around her shoulders, the ends damp with the splashes of the waves on the sand as the waves hit the shore, leaving foam to gather around her feet only to draw back out to the sea. Her bare feet leave small starbursts in the sand where it is so saturated. Around her neck is a silver necklace housing a curious one of a kind pearl. Seashells are worn in a bracelet around her wrist. She looks serene and at peace. And pregnant. Her belly rounded with the weight of the future heir, if it proves to be a boy.

With her are her handmaid, Serah and her guard Davyd, Redmond a little further in the distance, inspecting something of interest.

For some reason the Count has wandered down to the beach this eve himself. Mayhaps because of his sisters advice on the calming and secluded nature of it. Maybe not. Still, he is here. A slow pace is measured as he makes his way. Dressed a bit casually, he still has his training gear on from earlier. The garb shows it was tailored well and has not seen much use and the ringmail is missing. Spying the lady he makes no qualm of approaching her and most certainly takes notice of her nearby guard. As he inches closer he recognizes the Aberden and bows a bit. "M'lady, what brings you here in the evening?" He casts a curious glance to her necklace but makes no comment and quickly averts his eyes from the neck of his princes wife.

A hand lifts to gently touch the pearl that is safely ensconced in the setting of the necklace she wears. She looks up at the sky then closes her eyes. The wind picks up gently, blowing through her hair. Only when she hears another voice does she turn and face the man addressing her. "Sir," bowing her head to Aldren, a smile tugging at her lips. "I come here two times a day once at the beginning and once at the end. What brings you here?"

Though his eyes have gone to the sea, he is Aldren. Stealing a glance at the woman he sees her hand reach to her necklace andthe briefest of glances lingers ever so shortly. "I simply seek a respite from the castle. As one so far from home you must surely understand." He smiles politely and places his hands behind his back before he says, "Though, I will admit, there are some sights here that I can not afford myself in the county. The sun in the morning," He points to the horizon, "Right there, as it slips past Cri. Sunrise is alway a beautiful thing, but, the sea compliments it nicely."

"I often come for a respite from the castle. The sea has always been more of a home to me than anything except Carrick Halls. Being born on an island, the sea is a integral part of me." A smile flits across Ciarrah's lips as she turns to look from the sea to the man. "At times the castle can feel cold and unwelcoming. The people inside are more than wonderful, but the castle itself still holds too many mysteries to be home. It will change one day." A hand slips briefly and protectively over her swollen abdomen, but the touch is brief. "It will be home," she affirms, almost to herself. As he points, her eyes follow the extended motion, her smile broadening as he points out the sunrise. "It is beautiful from here, though if you step out about ten steps into the water, where it reaches your knees, just about from the spot ahead of you, the morning sun will bathe you in its light for just a few brief and healing seconds."

He nods to her explanation of her closeness to the sea. "Cold, yes. The place unnerves me more every day." He admits freely. He watches as she slips a hand to her belly and adds, "And let me congratulate you. I've not had the chance." A warm smile prempts his next comment. "Surely you will feel truly at home soon. Your fate demands it." His words are soft and of one who know the discomfort that comes with staying in Stormvale. Her last words wemm to puzzle him though. "Yes…" He says slowly as he now examines his future queen. Softly and politely though, a brief look back to her guards as well.

Hearing she was not the only one, Ciarrah draws her gaze back to him. "Thank you," heat steals into her cheeks at the congratulations, but she does not look away. "Fate," she echoes the words. "A funny thing, that very word. Surely things will indeed be warmer. But will it ever be my home or always the home of my husband? Or is there truly a difference at all?" The two are rarely seen together in public, which probably creates more questions than answers. His puzzlement makes her thoughtful. "Do you not feel warmer and more vital after being in the sun?"

Aldren listens to her intently, smiling as she thanks him. "If it will be yours or not, I confess not to know. I can attest to the fact that it will never be mine." His words are stern now and there is no doubt in his voice. However, he lightens and says, "But, it will be your childrens. And that, M'Lady, should make it easier." He continues now, answering her question, "I do. Though as of late it seems to shine less and less. And with Umbra's /shadows/ seeming to hang over me, and these darkest days coming," He adds referring to the upcoming complete darkness, "It seems to do so less and less." He frowns now as he looks out over the sea, discomfort plain in his features as he thinks of arrows and Inouv. Umbra and recent words from Luna surely do not help either.

His words seem to bring her peace. Ciarrah's smile reflects the taming of the inner questions bubbling and bursting to be answered. "Indeed it will be the home of any children born so the legacy will continue there. I do enjoy the break from the castle though." Another thoughtful smile appears and another question is put forth. "Why would you not prefer to live away from the castle in your own home? I have seem other houses do this, it certainly affords more privacy." And of course even Ciarrah had heard of the King and Queens escapades in the castle. It was well known. Lifting a hand, she rests her fingers gently and platonically on his arm. "Whether there is dark or light, day or night, Umbra, Cri, Inouv or Sess, peace is usually found within to be drawn from whenever you feel your weakest." Her smile is more serene now and she tries to convey that to him, though her hand drops to her side and she gives him another tender look. "Whatever happens, you have a lovely betrothed, from what I hear, and perhaps she will lessen the discomfort you feel?"

"I would," He answers her, "Though, in truth i'd never thought to be here so long. As it happens with my couisin and his new position i believe we will have one built. It only makes sense." Her touch is accepted easily, though her following words are not. He maintains, but a tense felling is apparent, "Yes, so I have heard. Though I confess not to know or understand the truth of these things. The more I learn the more curious and confused I become." When she mentions Moira he says, "Yes, she is lovely." He means that and it is plain. though it does not stop him from saying, and candidly. "Nay, marriage brings more discomfort. A man my age, well, let us say that it will be an adjustment." He attempts to laugh but it is surely a contrived gesture.

"A home to call your own where you could invite over only who you wanted? I suppose such luxuries would not be allowed for Prince Tyrel and I, though it would be fun to dream of it." And indeed the more lighthearted expression she wears, Ciarrah is imagining exactly that. "Would it be completely out of line to have a home from the Castle?" The more she thinks about it, the more she warms to it. Feeling the tenseness in him, she smiles a reassurance. "If you ever would like to talk, I would avail myself to you. I often find a shortage of any meaningful conversations. Usually it consists of the pleasantries and not beyond." By no means is she complaining, she is only stating things that she has learned. A smile tugs at her lips and she whispers in a confiding voice, "It is an adjustment no matter the age. I still do not know my husband as well as I would like."

In regards to her first comment he says, "Well, you can have the comfort of ours for private functions. It would be the least I could offer to my future queen and current princess. And no doubt you could. I would painstakingly, remain on the counsel one more week if it meant my opinion would help afford you that pleasure. I would easily speak to its importance. Surely I know of the importance of it." His words ring loudly with sincerity. He adds, "And I thank you. While we are becoming friends I will share something with you. Moira, I'd not seen her in ten years. And knew her briefly then. Though, I guess that is a love story for ones in our positions. Do not mistake me, she is wonderful. But, I fear the infatuation she has for me is not reciprocal." The words pain him and it is apparent he is not sure, but alas, marriage at this point and an opportunity such as this will not come again. He can only hope it blossoms into something fruitful.

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