6 Alisair, 229E: A Brother Returns

A Brother Returns
Summary: Nerissa meets Brennart for her first lesson in blades, which is slightly interrupted by the return of Moray. Moray shares his news.
OOC Date: A long time ago
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Tournament / Faire Grounds City of Stormvale
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
6 Alisair, 229 E

Brennart heads into the tournament and faire grounds as the practice field has too many prying eyes. He's currently dressed in just a simple leather jerkin for armor and carries a bundle of wasters to practice with.

A long silvery grayish cloak swirls around the booted feet, and the person wearing it is trailed by a lady's maid and a guard. The approaching figure carries a bundle wrapped in dark wool blanket, and, once Brennart is spotted, looks neither left nor right during the rest of the approach. The face that peers out of the hood to Brennart when close is the freckled visage of Lady Nerissa Horizon, and she wears a similar simple leather jerkin, as is found on most rangers. When the maid takes her cloak, she still wears the hood, but trousers, rather than a skirt, extend below the knee length under tunic. "Honorable Lord," she intones, bowing slightly, as a 'man' would hardly curtsy in greeting.

Brennart offers a bow of his head, "Are you ready to begin?" He sets down the bundle of wasters and points towards them, "Try a few of those out see if any of them are approximate weight and size to the blades you plan on carrying. Unless you already have a waster of the right size?"

"I am ready," Nerissa replies evenly, and looks down to the bundle. Squatting down, she unrolls her own bundle, and takes out her short sword and long dagger. Hefting first the sword, she goes through the wasters and finds one similar to the one she has, holding it out straight in front of her to feel the weight. The same process is repeated with the long dagger, then she stands with one in each hand and faces him. "Thank you, Baron Huntingdon. Wasters are not something that have not been provided to me." Her words are correctly polite, lacking in warmth, but perhaps with a touch of sincerity.

Brennart nods as he reaches down to grab a bastard sword sized waster and gives it a quick twirl testing it's balance point. "They're easy to get from the training fields but you're right not something that'd be provided for you unfortunately." He steps back and nods towards her, "Take your fighting stance lets see where we'll need to start working."

Looking down to her hands to see which hand is holding which, Nerissa takes a left dominant stance to lead with the short sword. Her basic stance is solid, showing at least some training… her balance set so that she can move easily, or shift to stand her ground. There's suprisingly little challenge in the gaze of the usually belligerant lady, neither is there uncertainty. She is simply poised, waiting to see what new technique she's going to learn.

Brennart nods as he circles around once, "Good solid stance. Looks like you've already had a good foundation to build on makes teaching you much easier." He steps in front of her and raises his sword into a defensive stance… "Hit me."

In what also may be considered an uncharacteristic move for Nerissa, she doesn't try anything fancy in an effort to prove herself. She has no illusions of believing that she will actually be able to hit the Baron. Pivoting to shift her weight into the blow she delivers the basic, first form strike towards Brennart. Again, since she believes him to be swordsman enough to read and parry her attempt, she doesn't try to check her swing at any point.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=Defense Vs Nerissa=Blades
< Brennart: Success Nerissa: Good Success
< Net Result: Nerissa wins - Marginal Victory

Brennart nods and blocks a few of her attacks but she does get a few good hits in, "It really looks like your blade work has a good foundation. You'd be able to do fairly well in a war or a melee." He hefts up his sword again, "So now defend yourself."

"Thank you, my lord. Although some may not believe it, I really don't relish the idea of fighting in a melee, much less a war," Nerissa replies when she has the chance to breathe. Shifting a bit, she switches her weapons, sword going to her right hand, long dagger to the left, and settles herself in a basic defensive position. Her eyes wary as she waits for his attack.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=defense Vs Brennart=blades
< Nerissa: Success Brennart: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

Brennart easily batts away her defenses and nods as he steps back before he actually fully hits her, "Looks like you need to work on your defenses more than your skills with the blade. It'll help as an archer as well."

Nerissa gives am involuntary half squak of pain before she bites her lip down on it when the waster connects, and she steps back. It doesn't seem to deter her, however, and she merely nods as she moves back into place. "Considering some of…" she breaks off and shakes her head with a stubborn set to her chin. "Defense may be paramount. Especially if I have to last a week."

Brennart nods as he lowers his waster, "You know how to dance right? I know it's an odd question but it helps with the footwork for fighting."

A slight red flushes under the freckles as Brennart mentions dancing. "I had to spend enough time inside studying how to run an estate in order tke make a good wife, Baron Giantslayer," Nerissa replies. "I learned to play the flute, hunt side saddle with a falcon on my arm, and swim in the bay. I managed to escape dancing lessons."

Brennart laughs, "And that's probably why your footwork needs help when it comes to getting out of the way of a sword." He shrugs, "We can work around that I suppose. Or I can just teach you how to dance. I think it'd be easier to teach you the footwork without dancing. Get back into your fighting stance."

The initial frown at his laughter turns into a more 'over my dead body' glare when Brennart mentions teaching her to dance. Nerissa gives a shrug of her own when he shifts the topic back to footwork, the kind that rotates the shoulders and loosens them. Switching her weapons once more, she sets herself back from a right to a left dominant position.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=defense Vs Brennart=blades
< Nerissa: Failure Brennart: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

Brennart shakes his head as he breaks through her defenses with ease, "Size up your oppenent. For example you've got much shorter reach than I do weapon wise you want to stay just at the edge of my range until I commit to an attack. Thats when you step back to the side then rush in getting inside of my reach while into your optimal reach. Lets take it slow for this one okay?"

Nerissa's frustration is bound to increase for the moment, having been set off by the suggestion of his teaching her to dance, she let herself get too distracted by feelings and she almost swears when he makes it through even more easily than before. Once more, she's forced to bit her tongue. Hot-headed she may be, but she's not completely stupid. Crossing the blades of her wasters in front of her as they point downwards, she listens without a word, then switches her blades back to a right dominant position as he suggests they take it slow. "That is fine," she replies shortly, more from ire at herself than the Baron. This time.

Brennart nods as he gets ready to attack again, "Remember we're going slow. I'm going to start with an overhead attack, remember you want to get well inside my reach after I commit to the attack."

Moray has been away on a siling trip for the family and has been gone for an extended time. He has returned and is likely to be staying this time for a while perhaps unless some great need takes him, but who knows. The man had been given a location and followed it but when he gets here he spots a man he may recognize but perhaps not the other at first though the shaparones seem to know him. "Honorable Lord." he greets the man formally bowing. Though his eyes look to the other waiting for confirmation of his suspicion.

Nodding once, Nerissa steps to the outside as Brennart brings down his overhead attack, trying to step forward at the outside of his arm. However, instead of sidestepping, she crosses her legs, and finds herself a little off balance as she tries to bring her own weapons to bear. Her maid stands nearby, holding her cloak and quite white from biting her lips and suppressing the urge to squeak whenever Nerissa takes a blow. The guard is a little more nonchalant, perhaps a little ill at ease that his lady is learning the use of blades, but not worried for her getting hurt. Noticing the heir to his house, he snaps to attention, and once more the redhead is distracted. Turning at the sound of the familiar voice, she actually smiles. "Moray! When did you arrive?" She begins to relax to walk towards him, but then takes a step back from Brennart and raises her blades in a defensive gesture, just in case he would take advantage of the unexpected arrival.

Brennart steps back and offers the man who walked up a bow as he lowers his sword down figuring the training will come to a quick halt for now, "Greetings my lord."

The man watches with some concern at first he does nod to the guard to show he'd seen the gesture given to him. Moray finds that his suspicions are correct and one side of his mouth curls in a smirk to his sister, but he will answer. "I got back in this early morning, but was called home before I could set out looking for you all." the greetings is given a respectfully nod though only when he lowers the sword will he approach the pair closer.

Reassured that she is going to have a momentary rest, Nerissa advances to her brother for a hug, and gives him a pout. "You'll have to be leaving so soon? Have you seen Assana, yet?" She pauses, then turns, looking between the two men, and her formally correct manner asserts itself once again. "Honorable Lord, Baron Huntingdon, may I present my brother, Lord Moray Horizon, heir to house Horizon? Moray, this is Baron Brennart Huntingdon of South March."

Brennart steps back offering another nod towards Moray, "Lord Moray a pleasure to meet you. Sounds like you two have a bit of catching up to do."

Moray shakes his head returning the hug from his sister easily. "Thankfuly not, I received instead a letter upon arrival back to shore." it seems he will wait to share its contents if he will be doing so until later. "I have not seen any save yourself, but I hope to do so soon." he will turn at the introduction more formally done "Likewise an honor." he speaks though he'll look between the pair "But I am the one interrupting." he says easy going as ever though there is something with what he's seen a concern but now is not the time.

Stepping back, Nerissa shakes her head to Brennart. "If you do not have to leave, my lord, I can still go a little longer," she replies a certain stiffness in her voice as she sets herself once more. "Assana can hopefully tell us more when we see her, but a group of us from the castle ran afoul of Lughdon's folk. I have been pledged to join their hunt, which I just found out lasts for a week. I need all the training I can find between now and then to survive, I think." She talks over her shoulder as she watches the Baron, should he return to teaching her.

Brennart nods, "Then back to work. Bring up your guard and remember that you're skill should be in deflecting not straight blocking you just aren't built for it." And on that note he goes back into a half speed assault.

The heir will raise an eyebrow at the quick explanation of peril. "Then it would seem we will need to speak to Assana, soon after your done here." Moray has gone a bit more serious at this point any type of threat to any of his family, the man takes quite seriously. He will step off to the side to watch and listen the sword at his own side glanced at but he will stand still simply observing for the moment.

Nerissa nods in agreement to Moray even as she's raising her blades and settling into stance, her weight more on the balls of her feet so she's ready to move and deflect. She doesn't speak for several long moments as she puts her concentration into the instructions of Baron Huntingdon, cognizant that in this case, her life does depend on paying attention and learning all she can.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=defense Vs Brennart=blades-1
< Nerissa: Success Brennart: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Brennart continues with the half speed attacks and smirks a bit as she's able to hold his attacks back, "Very very good see how it's easier if you're moving and deflecting rather than trying to outright block?"

Moray watches patiently, both the form of both of them as it pertains to the practicing but back and forth between each of them in turn as well. The man will watch as the strike comes and the lessons teachings are sound, force on force is usually not best as far as tactics go. He is impressed with the footwork used but still working over her words and what he is able to do about it.

Taking a moment to catch her breath as they come to a halt, Nerissa nods once. "Thank you, my lord. You have been most helpful," she tells him between breaths. She holds still for a moment, chewing at the inside of her lip. "May I borrow these, my lord, until I am able to find a way to procure some for myself?" A glance slides to her brother and back, likely he will be enlisted in that effort.

Brennart nods "You can have them I can get another set easily and not many use shorter blades like that."

The tall man watches and listens as they speak bringing his hands together lightly "Well done sister." and Moray isn’t teasing her at all but quite serious but he will turn towards the other not wishing to be rude "Well taught m'lord." though he catches the glance and will give a silent nod in understanding. The exchange after where the weapons are given gets another glance between the two.

The cheeks color a bit in pleasure at the praise from her brother, but Nerissa still manages to school her expression as she studies Brennart. "I don't wish to put you out at all, Baron Giantslayer," she tells him flatly. "We are able to find our own, I am sure, given a couple days. You needn't trouble yourself to purchase new ones."

"Rissa." Moray says a light chiding at both what she calls the Baron as well as the denial of the gifts. The heir will look to his sister hoping she will accept the items but he's still wondering what exactly is going on here beyond just the sparing. "I do need to speak to you and Assana too about the letter I received as well."

The tone of her brother's voice brings a slight wince to one corner of Nerissa's eye, but the set of her spine retains some of her affront and belligerence. "Thank, my lord," she dutifully accepts the wasters, turning to bend and wrap them with her own blades. Once they are all safely secured and tied, she takes her leave of the Baron and walks to Moray's side. The handmaiden throws the cloak over her shoulders, obscuring her men's wear as they turn back towards the castle itself. "What was in the letter?"

The young man smiles to his sister as they walk away "Thank you for accepting the gifts Rissa, I know that wasn't as easy as it seemed." Moray says to her honestly after they are out of hearing range from the other he will speak "I'm.. hmm grounded you might call it, our parents have decided that its time for me to be matched and so I cannot sail immediately back out to give them time, they seek the best match for me. For our house." he provides the news looking over to her.

"He probably wants something later," Nerissa grumbles. "Just when I almost thought he was a different kind of man." She blows out a breath, then looks up to her brother at his news. "Well, it /is/ long past time. The lineage can't be broken, and you /are/ the only male heir. With all the crazy things going on, now, it's important to make sure the family won't lose our home."

Moray will sighs though nods to her grumbling he'll reach over to grip her shoulder "That wasn’t the deal, and so if he asks for anything in return later you are free to return the items and i'll give you some from either my own or the families armory." He provides her an out should she need to take it, the rest gets a chuckle "I know that Rissa, i'm not upset just letting you know i'll be around for a while so I need or well want to meet up with everyone and see what i've missed."

Nerissa nods. "Well, I don't know how much you've heard, but all sorts of crazy things are happening, now. You may wish you'd never landed." She gives a little hitch to the bundle she carries, pulling it closer. "It seems ever since the eclipse happened, there have been crazy things happening, like it opened some door and all sorts of weird things are pouring through it."

"I have heard stories, before we landed here." Moray nod in agreement and if she'll notice a shiver quickly runs through her usually unshakeable brother "There were some monters.. in the ocean worst i've seen Rissa. I'm glad to be back with all of you if things are going wrong. I want to be able to help you." he regains his smile "It's good to see you I wonder what the others will do when they see me?"

Nerissa shakes her head slowly, her face pale under the freckles as she looks straight ahead. "You have no idea," she whispers. "No idea."

Moray watches her a bit clsoer now "What do you mean Rissa?" He is confused by her reaction I mean he didnt really miss the eclispse just experienced while away and those things in the sea well were horrible to be sure. "Something else going on, that I need to know about?"

"I saw…" Nerissa says, then she stops and shakes her head. "I saw them. In the circle… Assana said she remembered something about being able to confuse Lughdon's children by wearing your clothes inside out. So, I tried it. Tried to go in and save the ones in the circle."

The heir can tell something isnt right and that she is afraid which he wouldnt think happend very often really. Moray will look interestedly maybe he's heard that before himself or not but he still walks along with her "What did you see? What happend? That was quite brave."

Nerissa manages to start walking again, slowly at first. "Everything… everything under the sun that you can imagine," she says quietly. "I mean, some of them in the circle were so… soooo beautiful, so achingly beautiful. And others…" she blanches and falters a step. "Others, I couldn't even imagine in my worst nightmares. I was… I was too scared to go and try to help the guard on the ground. I was scared if I touched the roots that were holding him, that they would suddenly be able to see me, and I didn't want them to be able to see me. I was terrified what they might do if they could see me."

Moray tries to take in what she is saying as she speaks vaguely though with such things sometimes there are no proper words for things. He felt that way with the sea monsters there werent any words but ones duty must be performed and so they all survived but barely. He will reach out to steady her when she stumbles "That sounds horrible Rissa, what can I do? Can I stand in your place?" he lowers his vocie "Train you more myself?" he looks concerned for his younger sister.

"I think I am training to stand in Assana's place," Nerissa admits quietly. "But… please don't tell her? I was still wearing my inside out clothes, so I don't know if they could see me when they said, 'the two women with swords and bows'. However, they didn't specify, and I was there, so it will be me that goes with Lady Brendolyn and Victoria, not Assana. If they can be tricky and cheat us out of saving another person, then we can be tricky and send whichever of us we want.""

"Assana? I won’t say anything, but how did you two get tangled into this mess anyways? I mean where did all this take place in the city?" Moray doesn't doubt the story not at all but he's trying to get all the details so he knows how he must react and what actions might be needed from him his family being in danger is one thing which he doesnt take lightly.

It takes a few steps for Nerissa's mind to catch up to the questions, and she shakes her head. "No, we went for a ride in the forest. Assana had been shut up in the castle for so long while she healed, and it was a nice day. So we took a couple of horses… somewhere near the river we met up with Baron Kilgour, Lady Brendolyn, a… pirate, and I think it was a Prince, or someone." Once again she shifts the weapons, which would be so much easier to carry if she could just wear them on her belt. "Two riders broke out of the trees and begged for aid, they said they'd lost some people already… it was starting to rain, and so Lady Brendolyn and I tracked back to where they'd been… and two women along with their guard were in a circle of toadstools, and they were dancing. The guard became tired and fell over, and roots started wrapping around him." Her hands tighten their grip around the swords. "So, we tried to save them, and the pirate ended up walking in and being ensnared. Then, Assana said something about the clothes, so Chassidy and I went into some trees and she helped me change. When we came back, I went in to try and drag the four of them out. That's when I saw them all, and a voice started talking to us. Baron Kilgour tried to bargain with it to let them go, and we were told to get the rest we had to solve a riddle, but if the two women with swords and bows joined the hunt, they'd let another person go, as well." She sighs. "It seemed… like the right thing to do. Just in case we couldn't solve their riddle, at least we would have saved one more life, so I agreed."

Moray will listen patiently to the others words since the tale and it's conclusion are both important to him. He continues walking while they do though the frown deepens as it continues. The heir's focus is on his sister but at the end he shakes his head "It was very brave of you, and it sounds like you were protecting not just Assana but other lives, but I cant stand the thought of any of my family being hurt." its something to work out, but for now they will play catch and continue to stroll.

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