39th Sess, 229: A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air
Summary: Elisabeth, Kieryn and Eoin take a breather from the coronation feast.
OOC Date: 25/Mar/2014
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Battlements - Darfield Castle
From these ramparts of gray stone, you can look down upon the courtyard through arrow slits and holes in the wall for pitch or other hot liquid to be poured through. The sky ranges above the flat expanse of battlements. Torches are lit in small alcoves to keep them from the elements yet still casting light around the battlements. The deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. A brisk breeze blows from the northwest. The only exit is back down.
39th Sess, 229

Elisabeth notes the drizzle but its but light she turns her face to it once she helps Eoin to his seat. She moves to stand next to Kieryn and takes a slow deep breath. "Yes. Perhaps I will go back down later but for now I needed some air and away from the murmurs of court. It was clear some of those decisions did not sit well with many a noble." She comments as she looks between the two men, giving little indication of her own feelings on the matter.

Eoin does not immediately respond to Kieryn's comment, closing his eyes and steadying his breathing from the effort of getting up here first, then considering for a moment. "The King is putting his stamp on hi kingship early on. I have no idea where he'll find money for all the swords he jut promised the commonfolk, but the bows at least will be relatively easy to provide." He makes no comment on the knightly issues though, he is not one of thir club and has no desires to be.

Kieryn nods and hmms, "I don't know either, but maybe he has some stockpiled away somewhere?" he raises an eyebrow, "I don't know what he does and does not have though. I think he shocked a lot of people though."

"I think in part he expects the great houses to arm their own people and train them if I heard his words correctly. I would be glad to train which women that wish to train in archery. It would be easy enough to set up an archery range on the manor grounds if Aldren approves." Elisabeth offers at least glad that she might be able to offer one thing that might aid to the war effort. Ensuring women can defend their homes from afar. She is Greenshire afterall. "Many noble knights were killed and many wounded besides, it is clear we need more defenders and perhaps such will incite more loyalty from the people." She looks over to her brother before taking a seat on the bench next to him and taking his hand if he allows.

"For every household in Stormvale?" Eoin replies, turning his head slightly to look at Kieryn before shrugging, "maybe. I suppose. For every household in Morbin? I doubt we have the steal, let alone the smiths to forge them all." A bit of a downer perhaps but there it is, his honest take on it. Shifting his gaze to Elisabeth as she sits he has no issue with her taking his hand as he offers her a faint and tired smile, "not just noble knights mind, others too." Noble non-knights and non-noble knights that is. "There are butts on the practice fields already," he then states, in reference to her talk about archery, "I offered to teachthere whenI first came to Stormvale but few took me up. Perhaps with this new decree you'd have more luck."

Kieryn smiles some at Lis's words and then glances at her for a moment or two. "Maybe I can be your first student?" he grins, "I've been meaning to learn how to use a bow. I just have men on my ship that can, but have never learned myself. I think it may be about time for me to do so." he shrugs some, not afraid to admit his faults. He nods to Eoin, "That's true, probably not enough steel for that."

"Perhaps these attacks will encourage people to take to the training. I know there are others far more versed than I in the art of the bow, but perhaps there are some who would wish training from a lady instead." If a young noble Lady could do it, then perhaps they could to. "It is a grand gesture, but whether all can aquire one, it may be enough for them to know they are now allowed to carry a blade. With his moves today he has drawn loyalty from the commoners when he needs them most. Though I noticed not all the nobles were happy, especially the noble knights. Will he lose the loyalty of those closest to him?" She shakes her head and looks up to Kieryn, "I would be happy to teach you. It is something all in Greenshire are taught."

"I suspect the knights may be more put out by a commoner being elevated to lead their highest order in such a manner," Eoin speculates. "Duke Crawford may be the person to askbout that though, he's likely going to beone of the most aware." His tone indicates that he himself is unlikely to be asking, but the others might wish to. Letting the pair of them discuss the possibilitie of lessons between themselves he lets his gaze wander over the battlements as the drizzle stops, not really looking at anything in particular, just gazing out.

Kieryn smiles to Lis and he nods to her, "Well, I will try to be a good student then, though I do have to warn you. I can be rather stubborn and hardheaded, so it may not be easy to teach me." he chuckles, he could be talking about a lot of things with that comment. "Well, guess we have a lot to see what the King will do, it might be rather interesting times ahead."

"He did not look pleased." Elisabeth says of Ronan, though her words are soft. "No matter what was said today someone would have their nose out of joint. Such is the way of politics." She says with a shake of her head and squeezes her hand to whisper softly to him before she looks up to Kieryn. "That I can hardly imagine. Any other traits I should know about you before we are wed?" She asks with a lightness to her voice.
Elisabeth whispers "I am sorry, I would have wished she had stayed by your side. I know she loves you in her own way or else she would not have stayed by your side as long as she did."

"Interesting times," Eoin echos, "I'm sure that must be a curse. You are right though, we will have to wait and see what the tide brings us." Beth gets a glance when she remarks about Ronan, but he hadn't noticed and can thus only give a faint shrug before he still to listen to what she has to say to him. Closing his eyes a moment he gives a single slow nod then squeezes her hand back gently, although he offers no words in reply, turning instead back to Kieryn to see how he answers.

Kieryn ponders and shrugs after a few moments, "Maybe he was a little upset about what happened to the man who was the commander of the knights, but I thought perhaps he wasn't too upset about who the king made commander. Maybe he is from the Duke's part of Mobrin? I do not know though, since I cannot say I know either man really." he frowns a little though, "The one promoted was Captain of the city watch though wasn't he? I hope the watch doesn't suffer because of losing him. Yes, we have our own guards for our houses, but they aren't the first defense the city has."
He answers Lis, "Well, there is one I should tell you about." he glances to Eoin a moment, "Well, my father was a twin, Eldan was a twin, though his brother who was older by a few moments is dead..Our sister's Emma and Eva are twins, Eldan has twin sons.. If we ever have children, there is the possibility that you will have twins.."

Elisabeth looks to Eoin and wishes she could bring more happiness to him it is clear from her gaze. "Will you be able to leave the castle on the morrow do you think?" She asks of her brother squeezing his hand again. The talk of politics gets a slight nod, "The future days will tell if the decisions made today will be accepted. Tyrel at least seemed an inteligent man for all that is said about him and now he is our King. We must give our loyalty to him." Then the admission of Kieryn causes her to look up to him directly and a thoughtful look comes upon her features."That…is something I have to consider. I will have to let you know tonight should that change my mind." She says with all seriousness to her voice though there is a twinkle in her eyes.

"I am sure the watch has many fine officers who could step up," Eoin replies, although he'd be the first to admit if asked that it's not something he's specifically looked into. The exchange about twins ha him glancingbriefly between the pair but he makes no comment himself, not now at least. The query regarding leaving the castle does get a reply though, all be it only a thoughtful expression and a shrug, "you would have to ask our cousin I think," he starts, "although I would imagine it would depend where to." He doesn't ask why, that much he has already cottoned onto before he offers, "I will ask her when I see her, although on that note I hould probably be heading back. If I'mnot at the feast nor my bed I may set people a worrying." That said he squeezes his sister's hand once more before releasing it and carefully pushing himself to his feet for the final time. "If you don't mind Beth I'll borrow Niall briefly to see me down. I promise to send him back forthwidth though," and with that he beckons over one of Elisabeth's guards who've been making themselves comfortable a way off and heads for the stairs down.

Kieryn nods to Eoin and gives him a salute, "See you later then Admiral and get some rest." he then turns to Lis and chuckles softly at her, "Well, I don't drink to access, I don't go chasing women.. I don't do a lot of things.. So, nope, no other faults there. I am almost perfect aren't I my dear?" he gives her a wink and a twinkling of mischief in his eyes.

Elisabeth rises to her feet as Eoin makes his farewells and leans in to kiss his cheek lightly. There is a look to Niall. One that says quite clearly to take good care of her brother. Other guards are here to look after the pair at least. "Be well brother, I will come check on you before too long." She says and watches him leave with concern upon her brow before looking back to Kieryn. "Far too perfect." She teases him lightly in turn as she joins him to overlook the city from the Battlements.

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