The Tales of Daeren is a low-magic medieval fantasy centered around the royal courts of Mobrin and Laniveer. Daeren is a land of intrigue, and mystery, a land smitten with warfare and strife. Daeren is a moon that orbits the mysterious planet Cri.

War is here. The kingdoms of Laniveer and Mobrin are fighting. Common folk whisper that this war will be another like the great war that once fractured the empire into its current kingdoms. Each kingdom now seeks to become the next empire. Pirates raid the eastern coast. The Free City-States of the Eastern Isles murmur against one another. Some side with Mobrin. Others side with Laniveer. Some strive to remain neutral, but true neutrality is rare.

The planet Cri once glowed in the sky, offering comfort and assurance to the people of Daeren. Now, the planet is changing. Many say that the Gods are awakening magic after a long winter of slumber. has come to an end and is entering its spring. Rumors spread that the Gods are appearing to mortals throughout Daeren,touching some with a small gift of magic to help in a war against Inouv, the god of the Underworld. He, too, has begun to awaken his minions to move against his brothers and sisters, and against the mortal world of Daeren.

With the ancient battle of good and evil beginning again, old animosities have risen between gods. Will the people of Daeren cling to old alliances and continue to fight amongst themselves or will they find a common ground? Will man choose to fight with the Gods or will they turn their back on those who created them, focusing instead on their own mortal concerns?

What path would you choose? What role would you play?

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